This Fall learn how to become a Dream Catcher and Manifest the Life of your Dreams

September 21, 2018 – December 21, 2018

Deep down inside you know that there is more to life than this.  You have a deep calling inside of you to expand and serve in the way only you can, because it is your souls calling.  However, you ask yourself, who am I to be able to do all of the things I dream of doing?  I tell you, who are you not to do those things and live your dreams!!! 

What if you could manifest the life of your dreams?  I tell you that you can do all of that and more.  You can live the magical life.  You can create your life according to your soul desires, your true call.  It is this desire that rises from deep within that asks you to step into the shoes of the Goddess, the Goddess that you were born to be.  You can become a Dream Catcher!!!

 Welcome to The Dream Catcher Mastermind, where you will learn how to catch your dreams and turn them into reality.  Learn how to work with the law of attraction and attract the life that you have always dreamt of. 

  • To catch your dream and create the business that you have always dreamt of. 
  • To catch your dream and finally connect with the love of your life and co-create the life together that you have always dreamt of. 
  • To catch your dream and have the family that you have always dreamt of. 
  • To catch your dream and have the lifestyle of freedom that you have always dreamt of.

Now is your time.  I present to you the dream catcher mastermind, a three months journey into learning how to work with the law of attraction to create the life of your dreams.

Your Fall 2018 Mastermind Journey includes:

6 one-to-one Coaching Sessions, 2 per month: Each 60-minute coaching session is tailored to your needs and guided by my intuition and your Akashic records, so they are intuitive coaching sessions. 

6 group calls in the form of New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies that include a manifesting workshop and group coaching.  These calls will last for approximately 2 hours each and are scheduled on the New and Full Moon each month. 

Energy healing, activations and clearings from within the sessions and meditations and other resources especially designed for you on your manifesting journey into your dream life. 

Facebook group for us where we can support each other and where I will post many resources to aid you on your journey.  You will also receive ongoing coaching and support from me via the FB group in-between calls.

Special Bonuses: Fall Equinox Ceremony, September 21st at 6PM EST & Winter Equinox Ceremony, December 21st at 6PM EST!!!



$1555 if paid upfront

or $555 per month for 3 months if you choose to pay monthly

The universe has guided me to put together a hybrid-coaching program in which you will have two individual coaching calls with me per month and we will have two group calls on the New Moon and Full Moon each month.  This is a magical 3 months coaching journey from September 21st through December 21st. We will start the journey with a Fall Equinox Ceremony and end the journey with a Winter Equinox Ceremony.

You will be able to schedule the individual coaching calls at your convenience during the weeks where we do not have group coaching calls.

During your coaching calls, we will open your Akashic Records and I will coach you from your records, meaning that these calls are intuitive coaching calls and guided by the universe especially for you.  It’s like getting an Akashic Record Reading within a coaching call twice a month so that you can be sure that all you do is in full alignment with your souls journey at this time.


Jessica Daya

Jessica Daya found her way into The Greatest Love of All via a long and windy road that took her through valleys of depression, self-doubt, co-dependency and abuse via healing journeys into Shamanism, Tantra, Reiki and Life Coaching that helped her remember that true love resides within and claim her Goddess Spot on this Earth. Because of where she has been and how far she has come on her path to healing, Jess has an extrasensory understanding of the pain and struggles that others experience, and an exceptional ability to hold magical space that helps her clients remember the love that resides deep inside their heart and the goddesses that they were born to be. Jessica has a private coaching practice and works with clients from all over the globe via Skype. She also runs a thriving photography and healing business in the city of Miami, FL where Jess lives with her two sons.


I will post a survey on the Facebook group to determine the best time to have the group calls.

september 24


Full Moon

October 8


New Moon

October 24



November 7


New Moon

November 23


Full Moon

December 7


New Moon

Hi Jessica! I wanted to touch base with you and let you know that the work you did for/with me during our session on Thursday has been so unbelievably healing!!!

My period has been noticeably different, almost no pain at all and although the flow is heavy there’s no clots. Everything feels easier. The pain in my body is significantly lessened.

On the night of the full moon I was able to practice a ritual which allowed me to continue releasing so much of the past life energies and heal some cords to current life relationships and I just feel like this week has brought some powerful transformations. Thank you for your beautiful energy and assistance!!!

Amy, Chicago

We did an Akashi reading and wow!! This was one of the most magical experiences of my life. Our time together has brought so much healing into my life and I am eternally grateful to know Jessica.

This woman is powerful and so connected. Her presence is healing and beautiful. I look forward to continuing working with her. Reach out!! I will remember this reading as one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

Thank you, friend.

Stephanny R.

I had a very powerful and beautiful Akashic Records reading with Jessica. There were some incredibly profound moments. Her reading was very special because she goes above and beyond. Not only does she look into the records for you, but she does energy work, helps you heal, and guides you on the best path to take. I highly recommend her, she gives 100%, and she truly cares. I also highly recommend her coaching services and self-love ceremonies. Five stars

Wanda S

When I was signed up to join Jessica on the Greatest Love Of All Retreat, I was struggling with stepping into my power and confidence in groups and be the inspiration. I needed to love and accept myself and others unconditionally.

Straight away the group energy carried a feeling of acceptance and I easily slipped into my own natural way of being.  Being heard, truly listened to, is what made the magic happen. Out of this I became aware of myself as an equal, and so my confidence soared. Jessica offered a space where myself and my sisters, remembered, and became the Goddesses held within. And who doesn't love a Goddess.

Thank you, friend.

Veronica R.