Now is your time.
Your time to dive deep into the center of your own heart to kick start huge manifesting momentum for the life of your dreams. To claim your birthright of deep fulfillment and joy. To remember who you are. To come together in a sisterhood of goddesses. To be pampered from head to toe. To fuel your body with holistic organic nutrition. To establish healthy boundaries and honor thyself. To confidently express who you are in the world and ask for your needs to be met. To gloriously birth the magical Goddess within you and confidently introduce her to the world. 

Imagine walking away from The Greatest Love of All Retreat feeling 100% confidence that you can have the life of your dreams because you now trust yourself and the universe, know that you deserve that life & love and accept yourself unconditionally. How would it feel to be walking the path of the goddess? Come and find out at this magical retreat.

Your time is now.

 7 Days + 6 Nights in Absolute Paradise on the Magical Island of Ibiza 

• The luxury adventure of a lifetime that will take you deep into your own heart
• 12 magical spots for 12 magical women
• 3 powerful ceremonies, 1 Summer Equinox dance party, 5 amazing workshops on manifesting with Sarah Morgan, Reiki, intuitive nutrition, Tantra, Shamanism, manifesting, essential oils, crystals and more.
• Yummy surprise adventures that will fill your memory books for a lifetime
• Coaching session with Jessica Daya, Goddess photo-shoot, a Facebook group and more…. 

Join me on a 7 day all-inclusive retreat to Ibiza, Spain.


7 days & 6 nights at a luxurious villa overlooking the ocean on the Sunset side of magical Ibiza, Spain (Value $2,000)
3 Powerful Shamanic Ceremonies including a womb blessing and a despacho ceremony (Value $500)
Daily Morning Yoga Sessions on a Gorgeous Deck Overlooking the Ocean (Value $200)
5 Workshops on Law of Attraction and limitless manifesting, so you can kick-start the receiving of huge abundance and of every single thing that you desire, with ease and grace (Value $2000)

• 7 days & 6 nights at a luxurious villa overlooking the ocean on the Sunset side of magical Ibiza, Spain – Value $2,000
• Welcome snacks & healthy mocktails on arrival
• Daily housekeeping 
• 100% organic cotton bedlinen & towels 
• Pool towels 
• Organic shampoo & conditioner 
• Full board healthy gourmet plant-based meals 
• Unlimited water, herbal teas, coffee
• Use of our yoga mats, blocks, bolsters & blankets
• Daily morning yoga class on a gorgeous deck overlooking the ocean – Value $200

• 5 powerful manifesting and Law of Attraction masterclasses – Value $2,000
• 3 Powerful Shamanic Ceremonies – Value $500
• Summer Equinox Ecstatic Dance Party with live DJ – Value $100
• Workshops on self-love, self-healing, intuitive nutrition, tantra, shamanism, manifesting, and more. – Value $1,000
• A Goddess Photo-shoot – Value $500
• A pre-retreat 1on1 Coaching Session with Jessica Daya – Value $200
• A sisterhood of amazing goddesses that you will officially belong to for life. Value – Priceless!!
• A Facebook Group so you can get to know each other before the retreat and keep in touch forever. – Value $300
• Some yummy surprise adventures that wouldn’t be categorized as surprise if I told you about it here, but trust me, you will love the big and little surprises that I have planned especially for you. – Value $1,000

The Total Value for this magical experience is $5,800.

You can join in the adventure of a lifetime starting at $2,755.00USD

**Airfare to Ibiza and airport transfers are not included.**


Jessica Daya

Jessica Daya found her way into The Greatest Love of All via a long and windy road that took her through valleys of depression, self-doubt, co-dependency and abuse via healing journeys into Shamanism, Tantra, Reiki and Life Coaching that helped her remember that true love resides within and claim her Goddess Spot on this Earth. Because of where she has been and how far she has come on her path to healing, Jess has an extrasensory understanding of the pain and struggles that others experience, and an exceptional ability to hold magical space that helps her clients remember the love that resides deep inside their heart and the goddesses that they were born to be. Jessica has a private coaching practice and works with clients from all over the globe via Skype. She also runs a thriving photography and healing business in the city of Miami, FL where Jess lives with her two sons.


Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is a leading Law of Attraction and Manifesting coach, based in the UK. Sarah coaches clients globally and has manifested, in just 10 months, her dream laptop lifestyle full of fulfilment, joy and abundance. Sarah’s expertise covers all areas of manifesting including limitless money, abundance at happiness. Her vision is to demystify the Law of Attraction and to help millions globally to master the art of manifesting and to live on purpose, from a place of alignment, joy and passion. Having manifested her dream home, car, and business, as well as a multi 6 figure income, luxury travel and much, much more in the space of a few months, she teaches with huge love and the universe literally flows her as she coaches. Her powerful tools will short cut you into fast manifesting flow. What she teaches is not complex and, once you've mastered her tools, you'll have them for life and be able to pass them on to others.





opening day

Check In, Opening Ceremony and Welcome Dinner



intro self love day

Introduction to self love practices and manifestation workshops



Self-Healing Day

Self Healing practices and manifestation workshops




Tantric Self Love Practices and manifestation workshops




Body appreciation practices and manifestation workshops



Summer Solstice

Goddess Bundle Manifestation, Sunset Drum circle and special surprise!!



Closing Day

Closing Ceremony and Meditations

Hi Jessica! I wanted to touch base with you and let you know that the work you did for/with me during our session on Thursday has been so unbelievably healing!!!

My period has been noticeably different, almost no pain at all and although the flow is heavy there’s no clots. Everything feels easier. The pain in my body is significantly lessened.

On the night of the full moon I was able to practice a ritual which allowed me to continue releasing so much of the past life energies and heal some cords to current life relationships and I just feel like this week has brought some powerful transformations. Thank you for your beautiful energy and assistance!!!

Amy, Chicago

"I started working with Sarah about 3 weeks ago, with an initial intro call, and then signed up for her Money Mastery Intensive and I am blown away by how much I have benefited from everything she has taught me and the skills she has equipped me with! I was really nervous and unsure about finances and my financial state, and had massive blocks that were keeping me from unlocking the abundance that I so rightly deserve. Sarah has pinpointed these blocks and assisted me in navigating how to get past my blocks and now I have made back what I invested in the coaching, ten-fold! And we are only half way in! I am receiving daily abundance, and financially I feel so much more in control and at ease with where I am, and where I am going! I cannot recommend her more, absolutely worth it! Not just for Money manifesting, but for anything else too. I have things coming to me now that before we're just blimps on my radar and it is awesome!"

S. Van Der Merwe, S. Africa

The first time I heard about a Yoni Massage I couldn’t imagine sharing my most intimate self with a stranger, even if it was a woman. After two natural births and breastfeeding for several years my body and yoni had changed and I struggled at times to accept that and be confident about it. All the anxiety rushing through my body when I arrived at Jessica’s beautiful studio slowly vanished after she grounded me with a brief ceremony outdoors, connecting me with Mother Earth and blessing me with burning sage. When I was ready to receive, Jessica channeled all her healing energy into me, which I felt through my entire body. My hands and feet started to tingle, almost went numb and I released blockages I didn’t even know I had. I feel deeply grateful for this experience and it left me overflowing with joy. Thank you so much Jessica. You are a goddess with divine powers.

Angela, Miami

"In just one call with Sarah I found the tools I needed to create the life of my dreams. I've spent the last 10 years of my life in a career that left me drained and unfulfilled at the end of every day. Sarah gave me tips for going BIG in my Dream Day journal. I ran with it and began manifesting right away. Within ONE WEEK every desire I'd journaled about was within reach. My dream career was available to me, seemingly from nowhere! Money began appearing from unexpected places! My marriage was thriving after months of hardship! Sarah is the real deal and I am forever grateful for her insight."

C. Bruning, USA

Will I See You There?